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03/15/2015 HostedBlogs
Hosted blogs were taken offline due to a wordpress problem. (email sent requesting affiliates to pull all links.)
New content released for FHG\'s
Content updated for FHG
01/01/2015 Happy New Year
From all of us to all of you - Happy and prosperous new year.
Content updated for FHG
Newsletter sent, new FHG added
New content released for FHG\'s
Free Hosted Gallery Content Updated
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added
New content released for FHG\'s
07/29/2014 New Creampie Thais Hosted Gallery Template
Click here for a Sample; A new template has been added to our FHG section, please pick your content in the Hosted Galleries Section
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added and newsletter sent
Free Hosted Gallery Content Updated
Newsletter sent, new FHG added
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added and newsletter sent
04/29/2014 FHG update
Newsletter sent, new FHG added
04/21/2014 Creampie Thais Facelift
We have updated our popular tour - our new responsive design will resize on all devices from smart phones to smart tvs. Check it out and get your links up.
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added and newsletter sent
Newsletter sent, new FHG and vid gals added
Newsletter sent, new FHG added
New responsive hosted TGPs for Creampie Thais and Asian Suck Dolls. Promote them now, change the XXXXXX for your affiliate number.
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added and newsletter sent
Newsletter sent, new FHG added, new fresh banners too
Newsletter sent, new FHG and vid gals added
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added and newsletter sent
Newsletter sent, new FHG added
01/01/2014 Happy New Year
Happy New Year! All the best in 2014!
Newsletter went out with new links for FHG
12/15/2013 Re-Designed Tours!
We re-designed 2 of our tours, Creamed Cuties and Hennessie. Your current links will automatically redirect to the new tours but we suggest you to get some galleries and banners and place them in good spots while the tours are still fresh
New Free Hosted Gallery Content added and newsletter sent
  • 50% Revshare Program
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    about us

    Ghost Cash is the webmaster referral program hosted by Ghost Pro Productions, an extreme adult niche company founded in 2000. Ghost Pro Productions feature hard-to-find and exclusive content with an amateur flavor that lures surfers away from the gloss and normalcy saturating today's adult web market.

    Our sites have a high conversion ratio, allowing for an unlimited amount of potential income. We provide hosted galleries and other free content designed to promote our sites with ease. Ghost Cash pays out every Wednesday via CCBill, the adult industry's longest running and most trusted affiliate tracking program.

    For more information, visit the contact section of our site.

    How much money can I make?
    Your income is unrestricted. Our sites are extreme niche sites, so they tend to have high conversion ratios. The more traffic you send the more money you make! if you feel that you can do some heavy promoting for "GC" sites then we recommend you ICQ one of us so we can work something out.
    How do I get paid?
    You get paid by the same people we do: CCbill. CCbill has been in the adult online industry the longest, and is probably the most trusted.
    When do I get paid?
    Once a week, every Wednesday.
    What do I use to promote your sites with?
    Once you signup for our program and get inside the members area, you will find a wide array of promotional items for you to download (or link to) to promote us with. Your linking codes to our sites are automatically generated for you, so you don't have to waste time using 'find and replace' to get your links setup!
    Do you have hosted galleries?
    Yes! That's right- hosted galleries on us! All you have to do is log in to our members area using your CCBill Affiliate ID choose the template for the content set, grab the link with your ID embedded and you're off! We also provide a dump for you to gather a list ready to import into your TGP software. We offer over 30,000 FHG template combinations which means better conversions for you!
    Can I make my own galleries?
    Yes! We have tons of zipped content ready to be download for your use! Plus, the more traffic you send us, the more zipped content we offer you!
    Can I send traffic any way? Blind links, etc...
    You can send traffic any way you want as long as you do not violate our spam rules. If you want to send traffic via pop ups, text links, banners, newsletters, message boards, newsgroups, etc. that is permitted.
    What about "SPAM" traffic?
    Spam is only acceptable if it is a double opt-in e-mail and is in accordance with local, state, and national SPAM laws and regulations.
    Are there any Big No No's?
    Yes! Never, under any circumstances, use any other pictures or videos to promote our sites unless authorized by both parties. You may not hot-link sample videos! If you want sample videos to promote with, just drop us a line and we will accommodate you. *WARNING* Do not use full length videos, or include money shots in video content. Do not use content that you find on the web as it is illegally obtained. We will help honest webmasters in everyway we can and will remove dishonest webmasters without warning.
    I have not received a check- What do I do?
    Like we said before, you get your checks from the same people we do- so if something is wrong with your checks, contact CCbill at
    How do I contact a member of the Ghost Cash team?
    Visit the Contact section of our site for multiple options to contact us.
    Can I use my old CCBill link codes?
    Of course you can, but for future use we recommend using our new codes! The purpose of our new short & simple link codes was to provide our webmasters with codes that were less bloated and more specialized. The new link codes give us information about what galleries and banners are pulling in traffic so we can make more specialized content available to our affiliates.

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